American Property Maintenance, LLC.


American Property Maintenance is a full service maintenance provider to the Human Services industry. Our customers are nonprofit organizations who manage residential group homes for the mentally disabled. We understand the unique challenges of this industry and have earned the trust of clients who outsource the majority of their property maintenance to us as an integrated extension of their operations. Our services range from completing routine work to full renovation projects for bringing a new property online with state certification through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) or agency equivalent.

What makes American Property Maintenance unique is our value proposition and approach to business. To get started, we offer competitive labor rates. When engaged, our approach can be best described in five words: Individual, Staff, Community and Shareholder Value.

Individuals: as a maintenance provider, its being the Individuals advocate for providing clean air solutions by routinely changing furnace air-filters or making sure their ceiling fan or TV works properly. The goal is to make sure we are providing an enhanced quality of life through sound maintenance practices.

Staff: through maintenance, our goal is to keep the staff happy. If for example there is a broken washing machine or dishwasher, our objective is to repair or replace it within a certain number of hours. Our service levels are managed through an agreed set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Community: residential programs require blending in with the community and being a good neighbor. Through maintenance, we provide routine lawn care services along with home improvement services. The houses under our care have great curb appeal.

Shareholder Value: our objective is to reduce cost through efficient purchasing of materials and building supplies. In addition, by taking care of the Individuals, Staff and Community the organization’s reputation for excellence generates increased revenues for the company.

We have the staff, equipment and partners to meet most requirements.

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