How We Work

dreamstime_13784971At a time when State funding for Mental Health care is shrinking, American Property Maintenance, LLC. offers cost saving solutions that enable companies to manage their properties efficiently.  By leveraging our technology, customers can enter work orders online and track real-time status updates for the work being performed. By just typing in a user name and password, you or your operations personnel can gain access to real-time order status so there is no need to dive to each site to see if the job is done.  We offer a complete suite of tools to independently generate reports, analyze cost data, and export information into an Excel spreadsheet.

We have customer’s who have made American Property Maintenance, LLC. a seamless part of their Human Service organization.  In these instances, our personal have photo ID badges issued by the client, property keys along with Home Depot charging privileges for direct billing.  We also use the client’s tax exempt status and purchase order methodology.   From a billing perspective, all of our invoices identify the unique cost codes of the property, number of billable hours to perform each task along with materials cost.  This enables your finance department to reconcile each invoice with ease.

Upon entering into a service agreement, our management personnel will simply sit down with you to determine your specific business rules and maintenance objectives.  We call this our DDMD process.

  • Discover (assess your needs)
  • Design (design a solution)
  • Make (execute on the service)
  • Deliver (deliver a quality service)

Through this fundamental process, we can determine a unique set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that allow you to measure performance through our reporting tools. We also encourage Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) with senior management to share knowledge, expand services or make corrective adjustments.  These are just a few valuable reasons why customers choose  American Property Maintenance, LLC. as their partner.

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